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Hi, I'm CT Moore (@gypsybandito) and this is my personal blog, a place where my thoughts go to wander. I'm a recovering agency hack who now manages SEO, social media, and content marketing campaigns through my consultancy Socialed Inc. Sometimes I speak at conferences, too, but you can check me out on LinkedIn if you really wanna know that much more about me. And if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line. I love it when strangers come a callin' ;-)

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Dating Geeks: Digg & Craigslist

Not surprisingly, a post from the Best of Craigslist has made the Digg homepage. It’s titled Why Geeks and Nerds are Worth It, and is all about why geeky guys make great boyfriends. As Pronet Advertising observes, it was probably written by a geek and doesn’t seem to be Digg-bait. Of course, this isn’t surprising […]