This was posted on the Gyro:HSR blog, apparently by their Cheif Executive in North American, Rick Segal. I found it after reading an article about B2B marketing on AdAge, written by Milan Martin (who AdAge says is Gyro:HSR’s exec VP-general manager, NYC, but who the Gyro:HSR blog says is President, GyroHSR, NYC). I guess that all this kinda fits in with this video’s theme of information overload, that when there’s so much of it, none of makes sense, and little of it is congruent.The video’s bio from its YouTube page:

3.0 for 2008 – Newly Revised Edition Created by Karl Fisch, and modified by Scott McLeod; Globalization & The Information Age. It was even adapted by Sony BMG at an executive meeting they held in Rome this year. Credits are also given to Scott McLeod, Jeff Brenman

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