One Degree of Separation

So it’s been a while since I’ve regularly vlogged my mouth off about tech, web 2.0, and how it’s changing marketing, PR, and all those other things that my peers friends despise me for doing for a living. In fact, it often seems like this has become a place where I have fun with video, and to a certain degree it has.

The truth is that now that I’m armed and dangerous with some new toys, I’ve been working on a couple things that are bit more serious and, consequently, take up all the free time I used to use to vlog — and one of them is launching very, very soon.

Being aloof here, though, doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped doing what I do. I still have a 9-5, and I still get out to play with others from time to time. I’ve also been doing a lot more writing — especially in other places.

Well, the newest of those place is, which is acentral gathering place for Canadian Online Marketers.” My first contribution went up yesterday (Sunday, June 29th), and it’s about Using Video for Blended Search Optimization.

Hoorah, I do know what I’m talking about after all! And I intend to keep running my mouth keyboard off to that effect, as soon as the OneDegree staff return from their summer hiatus in August.

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