You’re Watching Big Brother

I fucking knew it! Subliminal messages were just too cool of a concept to not work. A new study (Attentional Load Modulates Responses of Human Primary Visual Cortex to Invisible Stimuli) has found that even when you’re not aware of an image, your brain is. As Science Daily reports: University College London researchers have found […]

Advertising & Praxis

Whenever people talk advertising, they throw around how you can appeal to either logos or pathos— hence the name of David Armano’s blog, Logic + Emotion. But what about praxis — the practical gain of using a product/services? After all, nothing speaks as loudly to consumers logos and pathos as their own self-interest. Take this […]

Hate-Mail 2.0

It has always been a tactic of renegade webmasters to post the hate-mail that they receive. After all, they only received it because of the controversial content that they feature on their sites, so it only makes sense that they’d capitalize on the controversy itself. It’s not everyday that you come across a major corporation […]

Movie Marketing 2.0

In the last couple of days, the official site for Black Snake Moan launched. Starring Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci, it is about a man who chains a girl to a radiator in an attempt to cure her from her promiscuity. As Ricci told MTV, her character is: a girl who suffers physical flashbacks […]