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Hardcore, New, Logo

So some of you might have noticed that I have a new header and logo. I got it from the guys at LogoPrime. Honestly, these guys were awesome. Recently, I asked them if they had any ideas for a header for the site, and a little while later, they came back with what you see […]

5 Wisdoms

My buddy, Sanjay Mayar, likes to play this game called 5 Clicks to Jesus. The goal is to end up on a page that has to do with Jesus in only five clicks. The fun, however, is in all the other random stuff you stumble upon. Well, I use Blogrush in a similar way, and […]

I Am a Podcaster

Like the title of this post suggests, I’m now a podcaster — and by that, I mean I just cut my first audio-only piece of programming. The show is called Deep Throat, Long Tail and it’s being published over at the SearchAnyway Blog. It’s a bit of a curious format. While I’m covering online marketing […]