ct-mooreI’ve written on a variety of topics for a variety of digital and print publications. Currently, I’m interested in things like the semantic web, online privacy, and ecommerce trends. Below are some links to some of the publications I’ve contributed to regularly.



I’ve also been published as a journalist, columnist and features writer in both Canada and the US. Some clippings of my work are featured below.

  • Blended Search for Brand Visibility. Website Magazine. December (2009).
    A look at how brands can use multimedia to leverage blended search to manage their online reputation.
  • Tim Reid is No Hoser. YRB Magazine. February (2006).
    An interview the world-renowned tattoo artist, Tim Reid.
  • Got Swing. ME Magazine. September (2005).
    An exposé of the Montréal swingers’ scene three months before the Supreme Court of Canada hands down its landmark decision decriminalizing swingers’ clubs.
  • Fresh White Powder & Green Trees. McGill Tribune. January (2004).
    An exposé of the campus drug scene, featuring an interview with intravenous-junkie/honors-student.