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Does Satanism Just Have a PR or Branding Problem?

So maybe you’ve heard of the the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC). You know, the d-bags who picket the funerals of everyone from fallen soldiers to Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker,  holding up homophobic signs and revelling in “god’s punishment” of the deceased? Well, a little while back, members of the Satanic Temple performed a pink […]

A Brief History of Social Media Marketing

Imagine what the world of advertising or public relations would be like if TV disappeared tomorrow… You see, both of these industries (along with marketing and branding) use every medium available to them to get their message across. Well, the internet is just another medium. But while it’s just another medium, it’s also distinct from […]

Being Brand Aware

When speaking with a journalist, choose your words carefully. — Walker Lamond When you’re building a brand, you have to get your story straight. You have to lay it all out in advance, and stick to it. Because every time you run an ad or PR campaign, you’re  going to be telling that story, so it needs […]

Cocktail Party Marketing

Convincing clients of the benefits of blogging can be tough enough, but something I’ve always found even more challenging once I’ve sold them on blogging, is getting them to do it properly. A particular incident that comes up time and time again is the competition. Basically, if you’re going to demonstrate just how much in-the-know […]