Some people think that Edelman only preaches engaging the blogsphere because of personal gain. Well, yeah, it is in his interests to make sure that his clients are looked after.

PR 2.0 from CT Moore and Vimeo.

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2 thoughts on “PR 2.0

  1. CT,

    I am sorry but you’re wrong. Two things:

    1) The world has always been full of conversation. Now to say that what we are doing here has ANY value compared to the NYT, that’s what’s ludicrous. What we are learning very quickly is to differentiate on the Net. Trust me, and when we don’t learn it, companies or society will legislate it.

    2) There’ve been numerous “pandora boxes” we’ve opened in history. We’ve also learned how to close them.

    Anyway, while you tie your livelihood on to Edelman’s Me2Revolution… go find out how much money the practice makes. Our understanding is that it is a subsidized loss leader that frankly the blogosphere doesn’t want.

    Good luck.

    – Amanda

  2. I’m not saying give up on the NYT. What I’m saying is don’t ignore the blogs. You’re right, people are learning to differentiate, and even though some publishers use a blog platform to publish their content, that doesn’t mean that they’re less credible.

    It’s really a matter of math, though. Google is the new front page, and it just so happens that search engines love blogs. What that means is that if a so-called A-listers drops your name one day, chances are that that A-lister is going to show up on the first page of a Google search for you name.

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