In a recession, only one things counts: showing me the money! Social media, however, is about showing me your party pics from last weekend’s zombie-walk-keg-stand. Until you can build me a social app that can count beans and generate results, social media will have little relevance in economic times like these.

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3 thoughts on “Social Media in a Recession

  1. This applies to marketing in general. If marketing doesn’t generate awareness, demand and then revenue it doesn’t matter what you do. It is too early to tell whether social media will amount to a hill of “beans” or not. Keep experimenting but don’t take your eye’s off generating revenue and being relevant to your customers. Use social media to interact with customers and learn why they buy from you.

  2. @Chris Herbert, you’re absolutely right about marketing’s goal (generate awareness, demand and then revenue). I just think that given the recession’s squeeze, there’s less room for marketing initiatives that are hard to quantify, and social media is one of those initiatives. To use your words, there is less room for experimentation in a recession.

    @Just Me, your anonymity makes you a douche-bag, but because your provided a fake email address, you won’t even know that I said that, will you?

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