This is a test...Online video can be a lot of different things. But when it comes to video blogging, it doesn’t matter if it’s a complicated, high production affair. After all, video blogging is still just blogging. To a degree, it’s supposed to be a bit gritty and straight to the point.

That being said, what makes or break a video blogger is their personality — their “stage presence” and their ability to communicate a message with nothing more than its most essential pieces.

Well, if you’re still with me on this one, so far, I recently posted 10 Simple Video Blog Ideas on The original post contains much more detail about each of the genres (that means click-through and show me some comment luv), but here are 10 easy video blogging ideas that require little-to-no hardware, software, or video editing skills to produce:

  1. The Rant
  2. The How-To Video
  3. The Screencast
  4. Video Event Coverage
  5. The Video Interview
  6. The 5×5 Video
  7. The Lip Dub Video
  8. The Karaoke Video
  9. The Parody
  10. and The Video Prank

And if after reading more, you’re still not convinced that successful video blogging can be done with little-to-no production and think that I’m blowing smoke out of my a**, then I invite you to consider Boxxy. Between 3 videos, she got over 8 million views, made headlines, and became an internet meme in and of herself, and all because she had some personality and web cam.

5 thoughts on “10 Video Blogging Ideas

  1. 1) I can’t believe I’ve not seen that video before. Boxxy is mental. Nice work.

    2) I thought you, of all people, would be joining in with #NaVloPoMo. What gives brother?

    Much love.


  2. Yeah, I only recently discovered Boxxy myself. Apparently she started a flame war on 4chan, which resulted in her accounts getting backed by 4chan types, who then threatened to ruin her if she ever made another video.

    So I just Googled NaVloPoMo. Wow, that’s way too much of a commitment for me. I have a girlfriend already, thank you. But you, sir, I wish you the best of luck with it.

    1. If you brand your videos, it will help (1) with your branding, and (2) with your traffic because if the videos are compelling, viewers will follow the URL in the videos branding to you blog.

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