We’ve been very bad bloggers lately. If you’re going to blog, you should really be blogging everyday, and we haven’t been doing that. Consequently, there probably isn’t anyone reading this. But we’re a start-up, we feel (but aren’t) over-extended at times, and it’s hard to divert attention away from critical development to reach out to the vast online community. After all, what’s the point of reaching out if you don’t have anything to offer.

In any case, out latest project has begun rolling out, and we’ll probably announce it tomorrow. But to jump back into the blogging foray in the in the time being, we thought that we should blog about, well, blogging! And the reason we thought this is because we came across this great post on HipMojo that’s all about the Evolution of Blogs.

It seems to us that the most interesting years were the early and most critical, between 1995 and 1999. So we’ve posted an excerpt from that era below. I think you’ll be able to see why these were the most exciting times in blogging. However, the timeline is rather fascinating all on its own, and you should probably head over to the original post and check it out in its entirety. In any case, here’s our own highlight:

January 1995
Early online diarist Carolyn Burke publishes her first entry for Carolyn’s Diary.

April 1997
Dave Winer launches Scripting News, which he calls the longest-running Web log currently on the Internet.

September 1997
Slashdot begins publishing “News for Nerds.”

December 1997
Jorn Barger’s RobotWisdom.com site apparently becomes the first to call itself a Web log.

Sometime in 1999

  • Brad Fitzpatrick launches Livejournal, which he calls his “accidental success”
  • Peter Merholz of Peterme.com declares he has decided “to pronounce the word ‘weblog’ as ‘wee-blog’ Or ‘blog’ for short.”
  • The word ‘blog’ first appears in print, according to dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster.
  • August 1999
    Three friends who founded a San Francisco start-up called Pyra Labs create a

    In any case, we promise to start posting on a more regular basis, and hope that you check back more often.

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