This is an ad for the Canadian Real Estate Association. It’s part of a campaign called How Realtors Help.

I get what they are trying to do: tell you no matter who you are, they can help you buy or sell a home. What this ad tell me, though, is that I’m just another face, just another number that any old realtor can help regardless of what I’m looking for and what my specialized needs are.

Buying a home strikes me as something that’s a big deal and should hopefully be an experience that reflects my individual personality and lifestyle. But hey, what do I know? I still rent…

UPDATE: I also forgot to mention that the face thing is just kind of creepy, and that makes me feel uneasy, which isn’t a great mindset to put me in when you’re tying to get me to buy something, never mind drop a couple hundred thousand dollars…

2 thoughts on “Being Just Another Customer

  1. The video is pretty clever – I have seen face transitions before but not like this.

    Now I am not a Canadian legal expert, but I didn’t think minors could buy property? That was an odd selection. And I do see your point – who is this talking to? Of course a Relator can work for anyone – I thought that part was a given? They could be a little more clever in talking about all the grunt work a Realtor does – I ahve a client who is also a friend and she tells me honestly what she does, and in some cases that’s worth the industry-standard 6%.

    Many law firms are having success in changing their image from the a firm who is out to bill you for every second they work on you to a trusted partner, and some Realtors are doing that too. But in desperate times, many people do things they wouldn’t – or shouldn’t do otherwise.

    And renting these days isn’t a bad option!


    1. We let children buy property the same way the Soviets let children work in factories ;)

      But seriously, the face thing is just creepy and makes me feel uneasy (the way the Borg make me feel uneasy). I think I’ll add that to the post.

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