Credit: -Chad Johnson
Credit: -Chad Johnson

You know how almost everyone is good for a at least a few great ideas in their time? Well, what’s the cloud going to do to that?

Now, people can share everything all the time. And it’s all on record.

So it becomes really hard to say anything that hasn’t been said before — never mind trying to say something original on a regular and consistent basis. Suddenly, hardly anyone is good for even a single original thought in their time.

When a brainstorm includes everyone and all topics all at once, it becomes a cloudstorm. We’re collectively pumping thoughts into the cloud, and they’re all be indexed and retweeted.

This really takes the idea of a collective unconscious to an entirely new level.

What I’m wondering is whether this is going to end the way we think about creativity, or is going to produce some smack-genius-s**t by raising the bar just within reach.

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