A little while back, I challenged Google on their motto In essence, I didn’t think that Don’t Be Evil was sifficient. Instead, I thought that maybe they should go with Be Good. Well, either the folks in Mountain View were listening, or they’re really not that bad after all, and they’re already one step ahead of me. Brian Free reports:

First Google takes over the Internet … and now they are planning their victorious push to take over Earth’s surface, dry surface. Google is creating cars that can get 70-100 miles per gallon. They are awarding $1 million in grants and $10 million in funding to whoever can present the almighty Google with a proper plan.

The plan is called RechargeIt is being run by google.org and its goal is to further research of “Healthy” cars (and to take over the world). As it is Google already has the largest solar campus in the U.S. and one of the largest in the world.

Hm, maybe thare are some substantive advantages to the monopolization of information after all. I mean, sure, competition definitely fuels innovation. The Cold War taught us that. But at the same time, it can restrict it — especially when progress is at odds with current market incumbents. Just think about it: there are so many conspiracy theories about the oil companies retarding the development of eco-friendly fuels, but Google is a powerhouse in and of itself, and couldn’t be bought out or off with as much ease.

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