I’ve gotten an early start on my resolution to blog once/week in 2014, and have been contributed to a few blogs in the last month. So in case you don’t subject yourself to my Twitter spamming, here’s a quick overview of what you might’ve missed.

The fabulous Dr. Wiggle...
The fabulous Dr. Wiggle…

3 Ways to Step-Up Your Ecommerce in 2014 (for @acquisio) – Talking about (1) voice of customer feedback, (2) social check-out sharing, and (3) ad retargeting.

5 Marketing Tools Made in Canada (for @OneDegree) – Looking at gShift, iPerceptions, Unbounce, Acquisio and CakeMail.

4 Ways to Step-Up Your Digital Marketing in 2014 (for @ReveNews) – Advising that you start investing in (1) social content seeding, (2) ad retargeting, (3) landing page optimization, and (4) user feedback.

Boobies and Old Timey Cocktails (for @wats_mtl) – Doing what the title implies: looking at boobies and drinking old timey cocktails at Dr. Wiggle’s Burlesque Emporium.

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Digital Marketers (for @thehotiron) – Suggesting that you (1) invest in owned media, (2) finally get serious about mobile, and (3) start listening to your users/customers.

2 thoughts on “Stuff I Wrote in December 2013

  1. hey ct moore!

    a message from your favourite newfoundlander: just took a quick look at your site and read the latest posts. i quite liked the goals for 2014; i look forward to seeing how the year plays out. miss you, brother.


    1. Hey Smitty,
      Good to hear from you ! Hope the Rock’s treating you well. I, too, am looking forward to 2014; gonna tear it up! Miss ya, too, brotha…

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