HipMojo #19: Tech Companies in 2011, Louis CK, SOPA, and Big Brother

Louis CK
So here’s episode 19 of the HipMojo show. In this edition, we look at some of the biggest wave making tech companies in 2011, how mainstream entertainers are using the web to break off on their own, what SOPA means to users, and how Big Brother is being privatize.

Most Important Tech Companies in 2011

In the first instalment, we discuss which companies were the “most important” in 2011. We openly invited nominations from viewers, but some of the companies we mentioned were:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Twitter
  • Groupon
  • and a few more…

Louis CK Goes Direct to Consumers

In this second instalment, we examine Louis CK’s latest comedy special, which was made available online directly to users for only $5. Some of the angles we consider is how (1) he was already big enough to pull it off, and (2) being the first to do it makes it a bigger, more successful initiative than it might otherwise be.

Lightning Round: Tech Blogs, SOPA, and Big Brother

In this last segment we enter the lightning round and answer email of the week. The questions we address include:

  • The value of Tech Blogs
  • What SOPA means for the average user
  • and how Big Brother is getting privatized

Then in the email of the week, we talk about how technology is disrupting the Madison Avenue and the ad industry.

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