This is a documentary called Endgame by protest media maven Alex Jones. It’s abou the New World Order and all kinds of other things that most people are either highly skeptical about or too apathetic to be interested by. I fall into the latter category. The reason I’m posting it, though, is because apparently I’m in it.

I bumped into Alex Jones on the streets of Ottawa last summer. He had travelled to the city to cover a Bilderberg Group conference for the making of this documentary. I’d traveled to the city to help produce a battle of the bands concert. I was able to recognize him on the street because he’d made the paper when he’d been detained at the border.

I actually broke his balls quite a bit. He hasn’t, however, seemed to have included that footage. Rather, you can catch a glimpse of me about 51 minutes and 45 seconds in. I’m in the background as he interviews other passerbys on Parliament Hill. I look so rock n’ roll

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