“Sanity is the playground for the unimaginative.” –Joop Ad Campaign

Maybe you saw that article back in September about how women aren’t crazy that was picked up by everyone from HuffPo to Alexi Wasser. The gist of it was that when men call women crazy, they’re dismissive and manipulative bullies who are just trying to gaslight someone who’s calling them out on their bad behaviour.

I’m not a woman and I’m not a psychologist and I can’t read minds, so I’m not really “qualified” to comment on what a specific man means when he calls call a woman crazy (or what he’s trying to accomplish). But do have about 30 years experience speaking a metaphorical language, so I’m pretty sure that when most people call anyone else crazy (man or woman), they’re not implying that that person:

has amphetamine psychosis and unplugged [their] fridge because that’s where the secret messages come from [or that they’ve] come to believe that [they are] made of glass and [are] having iron bars sewn into all [their] clothing, Charles VI-style, so [they] won’t shatter.

Rather, they’re usually implying that they found a person’s behaviour (or reaction) unreasonable or extreme for some given situation.

It’s kind of like if someone calls you an asshole. They don’t literally mean that you’re a giant sphincter speckled with pubic hair and cling-ons. They usually mean that you’re mean or rude or anti-social — or some combination of the three.

It’s just a metaphor…

But f*ck it, I digress, because I don’t really care what people call other people because I don’t really care what people call me. Sticks and stones break bones, as they say…

Besides, when it comes to being rude or unreasonable or extreme, I’m guilty of more than my fair share of crazy. And when I have to choose, I choose “crazy” over “sane” almost every time because I like eccentrics. They tend to have a more interesting outlook on life and the world, and it’s their ideas that are likely to change it.

So here’s to the crazy ones — even if they’re a little harder to get along with…

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