Post-Post Script: I’ve deleted the media players below because they sucked and were drastically slowing down how long it took my pages to load. You can find out more about these media players from TheNewsRoom in my video review which is posted on that SearchAnyway Blog.

Post Script: These media players seem to automatically update their content, so my comments below are pretty much out of context now.

By the way, I forgot to mention in my last post that I discovered this video product through My Affiliate Journey.

Okay, the first video is kind of cheesy, but is still pretty interesting. The second video hits a bit close to home for me because, well, I work in search engine marketing. It’s the eighth vidoe, though, that gets me all hot and bothered because of what else I do. Then the tenth video is kind of cool because it lets you know how big brother uses your search terms to figure out how to infect you. Finally, lucky number 13 is all about how Google is transcending the internet — scary.

2 thoughts on “Media Mash Up: 2007/06/11

  1. Gypsy Bandito? lol Great name Chris.
    Thanks for the link love! I appreciated. This time you are getting track back from my “DoFollow” blog. Keep up the good work!

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