A few months back, I was thinking about how mobile communities would bridge the divide between physical spaces and digital networks. Coming from a humble video bloggers such as myself, that kind of preaching might have come off as, well, a little preachy. So recently, I elaborated on the thought:

Through technologies such as GPS, NFC, and LBS, the mobile web will close the gap between online/digital and physical interaction, merging digital experiences with physical spaces and experiences. In fact, Web 3.0 may not be the semantic web, but a mobile one that’s part physical and part digital.

Granted, I still sound a little drunk off of the mobile kook-aid, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Nokia recently launched the Ideas Project, an online space where we can all “interact with thought leaders and their ideas related to the future of connected communications.” This following video features Ari Jaaksi, a Nokia Open Software Expert, talking about how mobile technologies are going to help the internet and the real world become the same space (Hat tip Glenn Letham).

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