A little while back, I said that the new media is multi media par excellence. Well, if you thought I was wrong, you were wrong…

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If you’re still not convinced, you should read the post I wrote over at the SearchAnyway Blog called Universal Search Revealed: How SEO is Changing. Alternatively, you can scan this excerpt from the post that inspired me in the first place:

[…] Universal Search actually runs a number of queries across all of their vertical search engines in parallel, and then they choose how to rank the top results returned by each of them when deciding what items to display 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc in the search results. […]

One major piece of advice [Google Engineer David Bailey] gave to companies who wish to rank well in the new Universal Search paradigm really stood out to me: he recommended that companies look to diversify the types of content they have out there in promoting their products and sites — to work to have content in each of the major vertical areas now, including Images, local business listings in Google Maps, video, news, etc. […] The corellation to ranking well in each of the many verticals is now translating directly into good rankings in the main web search results pages. This same holds true for the other search engines such as Yahoo! and Ask as well, though perhaps to a slightly lesser degree.

Best Practice is to now diversify your web presence and work on having good content to represent you in as many of the various verticals as makes sense for your company.

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