Dancing Schoolgirls from CT Moore and Vimeo.

If you haven’t read No Logo, you’ve probably heard about it. And if you’ve haven’t heard about it, then you’ve probably heard or thought about how silly it is that we’ll pay big bucks to wear someone else’s advertising (logo).

Well, my co-worker shot this footage at a neighborhood mall. It’s a dance school using its students to advertise the school. Not only did they probably not get paid for this, they probably didn’t even get a discount on their lessons. In fact, the costumes were probably manufactured at their parents’ expense, and I wouldn’t be surprised if students had to compete for a chance to represent the school– but that’s purely speculation.

Talk about turning costs into revenues. It makes me think how the tradition of school sports teams are the perfect example of how we don’t just pay to brandish logos, but will actually compete for the privilege.

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