If you work for a large, multi-national corporation and your PC goes poo-poo, you call the IT department (possibly CGI), and they create a ticket, and you explain to your boss why your productivity is about to suffer, and s/he asks for a report, and you re-iterate that no such report is possible until your PC is fixed, at which time it is probably more efficient to just get back to work and get caught up on whatever it is that you missed, and s/he just stares at you blankly, and it’s anywhere from 2-24 hours before the IT department calls you back to tell you that they’ll send someone else up as soon as they can, and when that person finally arrives, they diagnoze the problem and then leave to retrieve the parts, but they have to create another ticket for that, and before you know it, it’s Friday and you have to spend the weekend working because you did nothing all week except sit in the lunchroom between meetings at which you couldn’t really contribute anything anyway.

When you work with Russians, though, things are a little different.

Russian Style PC Maintance from CT Moore on Vimeo

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