Forget phat blogging

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The Ticket

CT Moore v.s. Mitch Joel

Loren Feldman v.s. Jay Smooth

Jason Calacanis v.s. Dave Winer

Mark Zuckerberg v.s. Tom Anderson

2 thoughts on “Phight Blogging

  1. lol.

    I’m a little offended to be on the undercard here, but hey, those are some big heavyweights following us up.

    You better go get your Boy Named Sue shorts made my friend… I’m gonna whup ya good.

    OK… that was harsh. Let’s do it for the Montreal General Hospital. This way, we can also add your body parts to the donation once I am done with you.


    (this could well be my evilest comment ever – granted, it was all meant in good fun and the spirit of your hilarious post).

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