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Here is the second episode of HipMojo, the new video show format that me and Ashkan are trying out. I’m still a little rusty in front of the camera, but I’m starting to work that out.

Marketing in a Recession

In the first instalment, we discuss how a potential/pending recession will affect how marketers’ budgets. I talk about how CEOs/CMOs are likely to change their marketing spending, and Ash talks about how it’s likely to hit online video advertising.

Social Media & Online Video in a Recession

In the second instalment, we turn our attention to Silicon Valley undertakers and the kind of businesses they’re likely to dismantle in a recession. On the social media front, I make a distinction between revenue- and technologically-driven social networks, and how a recession is likely to impact their respective chances of survival. Ash then shares his thoughts on how a recession might affect online video firms, whether they’re into content production, content distribution, content management, analytics, or advertising.

Groupon, AOL, and HuffPo

In this final clip, we do what Ash has termed the “lighting round,” sharing our respective thoughts on:

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