Russian Online Marketer Needed

You might have notice the video job ad that I did for SearchAnyway. The reason I did it is because of Ben over at Instigator Blog, but you’ll have to watch his blog in the coming day for more of an explanation. Anyway, long story short, the NY Times is catching on:

“Today’s executives not only have to be photogenic, but also telegenic for anything from basic blogs to podcasts,” said Rachel Weingarten, author of the coming book “Career and Corporate Cool” (Wiley, July 2007). …]

Vault Inc., a career consulting firm, informally asked employers if they would watch a video résumé if it were submitted to them, and most said yes. Employers also said video résumés would become a common addition to future job applications.

Anyways, without further ado, I give you SearchAnyway’s latest job posting.

NY Times story via HipMojo (the people who turned me on to video)

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