My take on how Scientology maintains any degree of plausibility…

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3 thoughts on “Scientology Explained

  1. I admire the conviction of Scientologists; honestly, I really do. There is a respectable degree of individualism in flying in the face of overwhelmingly prevailing popular opinion.

    However, I can’t look past how Scientology was founded by a science-fiction writer who had a bet with another sci-fi writer over who could invent the most popular religion.

  2. Your theory is ENTIRELY plausible, if we take a leap of faith and assume that Scientology itself is in fact ~authentic~.

    Why, you ask?

    Because, according to Scientology literature, a high enough level Scientologist (OT or ~Operating Thetan~) supposedly has enough control over the thetans in his or her body to do nearly ANYTHING — telekinesis, levitation…time travel and male reproduction aren’t that much more of a stretch. Oh, the possibilites…

    Of course we never see these things because as good old L. Ron put it, they don’t need to ‘show off’. They’re obviously above that.

    But apparently not above trolling EVERY blog and vlog on the internet…

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