This is an ad from the Regional Tourism Committee of Paris is using to target Londoners and entice them to visit the city. It’s intended to:

show Londoners that Paris is a dynamic multi-faceted region brimming with exciting events that are worth visting regularly,

On the visual level, what you’re seeing is two separate cultural stereotypes being used to get the members of one (the London audience) to identify with the members of the others (Parisians). Basically, the image of the rugged English rugby player is being used to display French passion abd joie de vivre.

Not only does this flaunt Parisian culture as something that can be enjoyed by Londoners, but it sends the message that the image of rugged English athlete is something that Parisians understand and appreciate. A lot of consumers might find this flattering and end up wanting to visit Paris because they’ll feel that their rugged Englishness will be admire there.

Via Unspring.

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