If you read this blog, then this probably won’t interest you. But maybe you know someone who it will, so here it is.

Next week, June 15th, From 6-8:30pm, I’ll be giving a social media marketing workshop at Agence Ometz. The goal of this workshop is to demonstrate how people can use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to grow their professional networks, find business opportunities, and advance their careers.

The workshop costs $55 and will be broken down into four modules:

  • Reputation Management: using social media to manage your online brand/reputation.
  • Professional Profiles: codes of conduct for maintaining a professional online presence.
  • Business Development: social networking to find business leads & career opportunities.
  • Features & Functions: 1 hour tutorial on maximizing the networking potential of your different online profiles.

If you know anyone who you think might benefit from something like this, I’d appreciate you passing it on. Thanks…

2 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing Workshop

  1. Will you be covering how to use social media within a corporate/marketing context or is this workshop more focused on using social media within the context of job searching?

    1. Marcie, I will be covering how to use social media within a corporate/marketing context. Essentially, I’ll be going through the basics and best practices of how to leverage different social networks in a marketing capacity — whether it be for personal branding or corporate reasons.

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