Happy Thanks Giving America! I shot this over a month ago because I’m Canadian, and we celebrate Thanks Giving a month earlier because it’s f**king cold up here and the harvest comes a lot sooner. It’s a 5×5 vignette of us trying to figure out what to do with a raw Thanks Giving turkey.

You know, editing and watching this, I got to thinking about how, as a society, we’re not only out of touch with our food, but the world around us as a whole. We know how to install software, build blogs, write CSS, ping servers, and syndicate content, but we don’t really know how to provide for ourselves our bare necessities.

My father, his brothers, and their father all knew how to wander off into the bush, track large game, hunt it, clean it on the spot and carry all the meat back home. They had to, because they lived in the boondocks, they were poor, and if they didn’t feed themselves, no one else was going to.

My maternal grandfather was a Ukrainian immigrant. Even though he lived in the city, he’d keep livestock in the backyard from time to time. He used to bring home baby rabbits and chicks, and then when Easter rolled around and they were all grown up, he’d slaughter them for dinner.

If tomorrow, you had to feed yourself, I mean really feed yourself, would you know what to do? Or would you just blog about how hungry you are?

One thought on “Thanks Giving Turkey 5×5

  1. Did someone say vagina in the video? :)

    I would probably be screwed on the meat aspect, but would have the veggies nailed down. Growing up, we had a huge garden and I learned a lot from my Mom about gardening, though she kept me out of the garden as I tended to eat all the cucumbers, dirt and all. But for hunting – once I was invited to opening weekend of deer hunting season in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, it was more about drinking than hunting, and only a few deer were to be had…


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