I don’t like regurgitating other people’s work, but I was reading Igor Mordkovich’s article about not forgetting about your target audience, and this made me think about how useful a rehash could be. For example, the SearchAnyway Blog is aimed at affiliate marketers, so when they post a rehash of Rhea Drysdale’s 11 SEM tips, it’s because not all affiliates have time to sift through all the feeds that they, themselves, are subscribing to. So what they’re really doing is providing a one stop shop for the information needs of Affiliate Marketers.

Since AnAesthetic Media is into social media development, then, I think I kind of owe to my readers and clients to rehash what they, themselves, might have missed. That’s why I’m rehashing the main points from Robert Scoble’s Corporate Weblog Manifesto. I made me think about all the time I spend explaining the value of blogging (and other social media) to clients, but how I might not be able to coach them and walk them through the ins and outs of blogging. So here are the main points that Scoble covers:

1) Tell the truth.
2) Post fast on good news or bad.
3) Use a human voice.
4) Make sure you support the latest software/web/human standards.
5) Have a thick skin.
6) Don’t ignore Slashdot.
7) Talk to the grassroots first.
8) If you screw up, acknowledge it.
9) Underpromise and over deliver.
10) If Doc Searls says it or writes it, believe it.
11) Know the information gatekeepers.
12) Never change the URL of your weblog.
13) If your life is in turmoil and/or you’re unhappy, don’t write.
14) If you don’t have the answers, say so.
15) Never lie.
16) Never hide information.
17) If you have information that might get you in a lawsuit, see a lawyer before posting, but do it fast.
18) Link to your competitors and say nice things about them.
19) BOGU. This means “Bend Over and Grease Up.”
20) Be the authority on your product/company.

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