Here’s just one of’s new commercials. You’ll notice that they’ve gone the way of low production quality. You may also recall that Google did something similar to promote Gmail a little while back, but has obviously upped the ante lowered the bar.

I believe that the power of low production quality video is that it emphasizes the message more than anything. Instead of distracting the audience with aesthetic elements, it cuts straight to the point. This, of course, calls into question the Marshall McLuhan adage that the medium is the message. If it was, then low production quality video wouldn’t be as effective as it is in delivering a message. It is effective, however, because instead of presenting the audience with a faceless statement, it gives the audience a personality to focus on, and personalities are easier to trust than faceless entities.

I guess this means that the messenger is the message. No wonder we like shooting him/her. Anyway, this is why John Kerr thinks that “the shaky cam is now seem as the most trusted form of media.” And let’s face it: the ROI on trust economies is priceless.

In any case, you can check out some more clips at Search Engine Land.

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