So I headed to Ottawa last night for Third Tuesdays. It was Joseph Thornley who organized it, and Mitch Joel was the guest speaker. This is what I thought.

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4 thoughts on “Third Tuesday Review

  1. I totally agree with your review – I saw you there btw (hope that doesn’t sound too stalker-ish) and wanted to meander over, but ended up talking with Joe Thornley about his camera (I’m thinking of starting a vlog) and before I knew it, people started dispersing. Ottawa communicators are an interesting bunch, I’ve been to a couple of events where had I not gone with somebody I knew, I wouldn’t have met anybody there.

    The Ottawa Podcaster meetups are much more friendly – I had a great time at the last one, met some awesome folks. This meetup was okay, Mitch is a great speaker but I thought the talk ran a bit too long.

    Love your work btw, it’s very inspiring.

  2. I wish you would’ve made it over to chat. The only people I really got a chance to chat with after Mitch’s talk were the usual suspects — everyone else was gone. I remember my last Ottawa event went down very much in the same way.

    If you’re going to vlog, Chamika, you don’t have to splurge on something as fancy as Joseph’s camcorder. I use a Canon Powershot; it’s for pictures, and it does the trick nicely. If you have any questions about vlogging, feel free to email me using the contact form on the about page.

    BTW, I think you just gave me an idea for my Friday Column over at

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