I’m off to a lazy start today, so I’m posting something else that was originally posted on the SearchAnyway Blog (hence the intro slide). I mis-cite and instance in the video, but it doesn’t effect my point, and I added that disclosure to the original SearchAnyway post. Check it out for that and links to what I’m talking about.

It’s about blogging ethics, transparency, blah, blah, blah… At the end, I throw out a Hunter S. Thompson quote about how futile the idea of objective journalism is, and I really do believe that. That’s why I think journalists, pundits, bloggers, and so on should be openly bias. I also think that by virtue of blogging solely to make money, your very impetus is disclosure enough. I mean, after all, the reader should have to think a bit for themselves.

Rethinking TransparencyCelebrity bloopers here

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