I spent my weekend out of town and now I have too much catching up to do to blog, but there a couple things I want to pay lip service to because they are news items that have to do with video, and as a vlogger, I love video. The first is the launch of MyRaganTV. As Shel Holtz explains:

Hot on the heels of MyRagan, a social networking site for communicators, Ragan Communications today launched MyRaganTV, a companion site (only a single login is required for both sites) that is a kind of YouTube for communications video content. […]

The argument can (and probably will) be made that these videos could just as easily have been uploaded to YouTube, but by aggregating them in a single place for communicators, it becomes much easier to find relevant content.

I think that MyRaganTV has a shot precisely because it’s about relevant content. If you’ve ever looked for marketing content, for example, on YouTube, you know how much shameless spam there is out there. On the other hand, the prospect of being able to find content that’s produced/endorsed by your own network within a larger niche network is arguably awesome.

The second video news item has to do with the Pepsi of Search stepping up its game. It looks like Yahoo is taking the next logical step since integrating Flickr into their image search. Basically, they’re adding video to Flickr. Loren Baker reports:

Yahoo is taking a bold step in its battle against YouTube & Google with the addition of video content to Flickr, Yahoo’s popular photo sharing site.

According to Bloomberg’s Ari Levy, Yahoo Video will be adding partnered content such as music videos, tv shows and sports highlights, but the big news will be the addition of user generated video to Flickr.

Honestly, it’s about time. In fact, I’m surprised that Thomas McMahon didn’t think to include it to round out his 9 Wishes for a Better Yahoo. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if it’s too little too late. Google has had a leg up on them for ages, and absorbed YouTube in one fell swoop. Yahoo, on the other hand, it trying to create their own store of video content, and that just might take time that they don’t have.

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