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44 thoughts on “Why People Hate Vegans

  1. I actually picked up on this when my Baby-Mama went vegan. We were both constantly getting defensive with one another because we were always worried that the other disapproved of our dietary choices. But even one of her vegan cookbooks warns against taking it personally when people make a comment; doing so only exacerbates misunderstanding.

  2. It’s because the lack of b12 makes you act crazy and gives you brain fog. (Which vegans self-righteously mistake as an altered greater spiritual conscience.) Hence all the militant radical vegan causes like PETA.

  3. excellent point… I am not a vegan I just dont eat meat or dairy because I dont approve of the cruelty that animals go through on factory farms. “vegans” ARE stuck up immature and self righteous assholes I had first hand experience with this scum they are pitiful, disgusting creatures that no one likes. snobs of the utmost level.

    1. Thanks for making me aware of your dislike for vegans. From this site I can see you’re not alone. I’ll keep a low profile from now on. On behalf of others who have rubbed you the wrong way, sorry.

  4. Its a shame that people think of vegans as snobs……andrew. People should do things for the right reasons. If someone seems snobbish mabe they are just passionate. Then again, maybe they are just snobby. But snobby people do things that reinforce their snobbiness. So, a snob who does something rightous like going vegan, now feels like they have more reason to be a snob. It took me a long time to actually stop eating meat and stuff so I can really only tell the truth, which is that I am happier, my food costs less, I have to cook almost 100% of my meals because thtere are no vegan fast food chains so it is more inconvineant, I am happy with myself morally though, which outways my need for fast food. Do I sound like a snog?

  5. @Eric,
    If only everyone was as down to earth and humble about their veganism as you. When I vlogged this (so long ago) I really wasn’t trying to be antagonistic. Rather, someone close to me was making the transition into veganism, and I regularly observed those around them recoil at their remarks over dinner, etc., and that got me thinking. Nevertheless, the amount of hate mail I got on YouTube was astonishing:

  6. That cracks me up. I’m vegan but unlike most, only dietary vegans. I actually believe that humans are omnivores by nature and will inherently eat meat unless making a conscious decision otherwise. I still buy leather and animal products, I just don’t eat them but that’s a choice I made for my own health because it works for me. It doesn’t bother me to be in the presence of meat eaters and I never get into conversations about my diet unless asked. I think people just need to understand that what you choose to do is exactly that, your choice. Stop expecting people to go along with you and accept the choices they make for themselves.

  7. Long time and restumbled onto this older post again (still interested, still vegan). I guess to lay out my philosophy, its this: People are blessed to be able to eat just about anything, which is probably why we are still around today…….We can eat meat or other things. Meat consumption, though has skyrocketed over the past 60 years and the industry has changed from ranges (cowboys) to factories. I think that we are meant to eat grains, vegetables, legumes and fruits and I think our health is optimal on a diet of this. Meat will sustain us if we are starving and it is hight in calories and fat and protein. Our ancestors wouldn’t pass up a chance to get some meat if they came across it. But the animals they used to kill weren’t being fed by the hunters means. The hunters weren’t feeding them, just eating the product. Today, we give all our crops to animals and then eat them. So, I would say people are being conditioned to ask for meat first, even though it is unconomical and more meant to sustain us than keep us healthy. I consider humans to be the most blessed creatures on Earth due partly to our ability to eat just about anything to survive. However, I think it is time we pardoned the animals of our planet and adopt a less damaging and healthier lifestyle. Please, look into the effects on the planet of the meat industry and apply your own minds. Thanks for reading!

  8. My partner became vegan & she’s worse than a newly born again Christian. Every opportunity she gets, she goes off about killing animals. We have friends that own a country style restaurant, which is non-vegan. 1 1/2 years ago she was quite happy with the burgers, mac & cheese, pie, etc. Now all she does is hard time our friends about not having vegan options. I don’t even want to go out to eat with her anymore. It’s gotten so bad, I had to hide her comments on my social networking page. What is it about so many vegans that they have to try to make life miserable for other people? I didn’t sign up to be a vegan and I don’t care if that’s how she wants to eat, but I’m sick of what I would deem as basic harassment of people because they have a different belief system about food. If most vegans are as militant as she is, I can see why people hate vegans.

  9. I am vegan, and I am proud of myself for it because I feel that it was a healthy change for me. I just don’t like eating animals or animal by- products. If people want to kno why, I tell them. If they don’t ask, I don’t force my opinions on them. I don’t really think I’m a snob, unless a snob is someone who reacts to ridicule by defending him/herself. Otherwise, I’m not rude or mean to people just because I see them eating meat. With that said, I definitely advocate a vegan diet for various reasons, whether everyone agrees that my reasons are valid or not. People are permitted to eat whatever they want. And they do!! People write books on why it’s healthier for any person to eat meat or other animal products, just as they do when it comes to eating strictly vegan. People are entitled to their
    own opinions. Just don’t go around expecting everyone to be nice. There are snobs everywhere, vegan and omnivore alike.

    1. I agree with that last line Rebecca. I’m vegan for many reasons and I have never been a snob to anyone, you eat what you eat whatever. But it seems like the people that CLAIM that I’m the snob are ones themselves. I laugh because it’s ridiculous.

  10. i hate snobby vegans so much, they annoy me just as much as a religious zealot going around throwing their shit everywhere telling other people they’re evil.

    however i can understand those who don’t eat meat just for dietary reasons,i for one try to have 90% of my meals consist of vegies, i also wear leather.

  11. Well you’re still coming up in Google results three years later, so I suppose I’ll leave a comment. My sister in law is a vegan bum, and I hate it. She has no job, no money, thousands of dollars in credit card debt, and yet she somehow manages to travel throughout the world and mooch off of people wherever she goes. She lives off of food stamps, and only buys the most expensive vegan food with it – she is a vegan food snob. When she visits us (and stays for days unannounced until we have to kick her out), she will not eat our food, even vegetarian food that we’ve prepared. She sneered when I pulled out a bag of frozen stir fry mix from the freezer, the very thought of eating a frozen vegetable was apparently too much for her. That’s fine; my wife and I enjoyed that delicious meal just as well. If it’s not 100% certified organic (whatever the fuck that is – who certifies it?) she will not eat it. She goes on and on about how the secret to perfect health is eating so that your body’s pH is perfectly balanced by balancing your intake alkaline and acidic foods. She could be right about that, but I don’t think it’s working for her, since she’s bone skinny and very pale, like most vegans. All she fucking talks about is this exotic food and that exotic tea, how it’s “soooo good for you” and “the best” – better than anything in our pantry, of course, that is a given to her.

    1. This sounds so much like someone I know, but I’m not going to name any names because they read my blog, but yeah: no real job, mooches, too good for frozen food, eats stuff that “soooo good for you”.

      It’s condescending to the point of infuriating.

      But hey, they’re coasting through life at our expense, so I guess they got that going for them.

    1. I believe that’s an ignorant reply there. Being vegan, I eat a hell of a lot more than any of my meat eating buddies and I’m healthy.

  12. wow, that was so insightful. I don’t eat meat or dairy and when people find out or offer me something i don’t eat and politley turn their offer down, they actually seem to get offended , which really bothers me. i i couldnt put my finger on it, but the way you worded it was perfect!! thanks!

  13. I never used to have an issue with vegans, I believe in many of the same things and wish the world was different than it was. I simply adore animals (have 3 rescues) I buy cruelty free and organic whenever I can, dontate time and money to various shelters and sign every darn petition that gets emailed to me.

    But, now I do have an issue with vegans, there seems to be some real crap attitudes behind all the nice ideas. Here is my example, I have these phoney, pretend to be nice, vegan neighbours who run a vegan bakery – and lately I have had some noise issues with them. After trying to have a rational conversation with them (three times) I have given up because they are so defensive that he just yells and won’t even entertain the idea that they are wrong for waking me up every single morning – oh wait I left a part out – he called me a “fat c%&t” yesterday (btw I am 145 pounds and 5’7″ and very athletic by NO means fat). See this is why I think vegans are idiots, I feel that under the surface they think all us omnivores are just a bunch of “fat c%$ts”, gobbling up everything in our path. I think my husband and I were judged on our summer bbqs last year – as they always were rude, snippy and short with us (even though we caught and returned their vegan runaway dog two times and even brought them my husbands home made jam). But here is the thing, it takes more than not eating animal products to be a decent person.

    Why is it that I have many vegetarian friends and we all get along just fine, but that vegans seem to turn my stomach now? If their mission is to educate the rest of us, they sure are doing a bad job, I don’t want to be anything like these self-righteous jerks. They don’t even have a social life, never go out or have freinds over, and I can see why, who would want to spend time with them?

    How is this for the bigger person, This jerk is just lucky I didn’t tell my husband what he called me.

        1. After reading all these comments I must say I’m really offended. I just started being vegan and I do it because I hate how things are, dietary reasons, and I just love animals too much. But anyway I see a lot of people posting ” I hate vegans” can you really say you hate us all? Have you met every vegan in the world? Yes some are completely ridiculous but that’s some… not all. That’s like saying all black people are ghetto or all white people are racist or all hispanics are Catholic.

  14. I am a vegan, and most vegans scare me. To elaborate a bit, I am a dietary vegan. I didn’t decide to become a vegan to make a point, I just don’t like eating meat or animal by-products. I am constantly attacked by vegans because I wear leather shoes and carry leather purses. I’m fashionable- get over it! At the same time, many omnivores piss me off! I am frequently criticized by omnivore friends who dislike the food I serve them when they invite themselves over for dinner. Really?? Common sense – If you’re going to eat at a vegan’s home, don’t expect fried chicken or steak! At restaurants, I will never criticize someone for what they order, yet cringe on the inside when I am judged for only eating “rabbit food”. We all need to eat to live, and what we choose to eat is our choice and should be respected by others. I don’t care whether you put whole milk or almond milk in your coffee, just drink it the way you like it and relax, haha!

  15. Doesn’t this say more about the presumptive attitudes of non-vegans than it does about vegans themselves? If someone is going to make judgments about me (including that I somehow must be judgmental simply because I don’t want to eat animal products), then they’re just buying into stereotypes. Reading through some of the comments, it seems to me that bashing vegans based on stereotypes is still an acceptable form of discrimination. If people generalized and spoke about certain races or women the way they do about vegans, their opinions wouldn’t be very well respected in most civilized circles.

    In my experience, it’s actually the ex-vegans who have the worst attitudes towards vegans. They can be condescending and downright mean, and seem to have a very short memory. I’m sure they wouldn’t have liked it if meat-eaters had gotten in their faces when they were practicing vegans, but they seem to have no problem doing it to others now.

    I suspect that part of the negative backlash from non-vegans (and especially ex-vegans) comes from a subconscious insecurity about their diet’s implications. After all, if you know you’re right and you’re secure in your choice, why do you need to participate in vegan-bashing? How can someone else’s choice to abstain from eating meat or dairy possibly threaten you… unless you’re not sure you’re doing the right thing?

  16. Hmmm…. so by saying that I’m a vegan, I’m suddenly taking a moral stance and passing judgment on someone? That doesn’t make sense. I shouldn’t say what I am just in case it makes people feel bad about their own choices? What about all of the people who say what religion they belong to, or that they belong to a gym? Or how old they are? Or that they’re heterosexual? Or where they work, what car they drive, whether the recycle? Or anything?!

    I can’t live my life hiding/being subtle about a huge part of it just in case it might make someone feel bad because they’re making a poor choice. That’s their own problem.

    I think the real reason people hate vegans is because they feel bad about themselves. Whether it’s for being less healthy, or having no willpower, or just feeling left out, I don’t know why, but it’s not the vegan’s job to walk on eggshells around everyone.

    I can be proud that the way I’m eating is sustainable. You can be proud that you eat what tastes good to you, regardless of whether it hurts everyone else. And then you can blame the person that’s trying to do the right thing.

    Yes, there are some annoying vegans. There are also some very annoying meat eaters who never shut up about eating meat when they’re around people who don’t eat it. That doesn’t mean I hate anyone of either diet.

    I’ve told a lot of people that I’m vegan, and I haven’t lost a friend yet. So maybe that just makes you an intolerant jerk…

  17. Maryann- Last I checked noise level and dietary choices have nothing to do with each other. What are their names? Because I know some very rude, ignorant people, who stereotype other people, and one of their names begins with M. So that must make ALL people in the entire world that have names beginning with M complete idiots. Not faulty logic at all.

  18. I think that there are just a lot of self righteous assholes out there vegan, vegetarian, raw food, meat eaters, born-again christians, hipters, etc. and that what you eat really has nothing to do with it. I have been vegetarian for years and recently became vegan. I did not tell anyone I made the change, except when they noticed I started drinking soy milk. I explained the choice and they understood. I am not preachy and am choosing to do this because it makes me feel better, helped me lose weight, and I don’t feel guilty about anything that I eat.

    Even though I am not preachy, however, people get preachy with me. Not just meat eaters, born-again christians who find out I am jewish, right-wingers who dislike I am liberal, etc. all are preachy toward me. I do not mind hearing their ideas, but like vegans preaching to meat eaters, it only has the effect of raising my anger and dislike of them.

    If you want to encourage kindness in dietary choices, lead by example. No preaching should be necessary if you are showing that being vegan is healthy, tasty, and easier than imagined.

  19. Good point. I just started a vegan diet (to see if it helps my Crohn’s disease). I’ll be sure not to call myself “vegan”. I noticed the same thing applies when you call yourself an Atheist. people get offended and look at you weirdly. So now I just say I’m not religious then if they ask if I believe in god I say no. People probably feel the same way about that, like they think you’re looking down on them and judging them.

  20. If it makes everyone more comfortable I’m willing to say “I don’t eat meat or dairy” and skip the label, vegan. I don’t want to be “preachy” and certainly not a snob, but I would caution omnivores then not to ask me 100 questions about why I don’t eat meat or dairy. If you don’t want to “preached at” – don’t ask.

  21. I think it is difficult to understand why a vegan or even a vegetarian considers their dietary choice a moral stance without experiencing the abstinence from meat. Whilst I do not consider myself better than anyone, I am very aware my conscience in regard to animal life is far greater than that of someone who can eat meat without feeling guilty.

    I don’t force my views on meat-eaters – it’s not something I even feel a need to discuss and like many other, I’ve met plenty of asshole vegetarians and vegans who are not only preachy and holier-than-thou, but often also hypocritical. I won’t, however, pretend that I believe there are no morals or greater conscience involved. After all, how can you say that someone who abstains from an activity in hopes of preventing death is of no greater conscience than someone who feels no guilt in taking part?

  22. I would be Ok with vegans and vegetarians IF THEY DIDNT FEE THEY ARE ” MORALLY SUPERIOR” JUST BECAUSE THEY DONT EAT MEAT.I hate that cocky ” I am superior to you because I don’t recieve protein or any other vital nutrients in my diet” They feel the right to preach to us simply because of their stupid diets. Eat your nasty tofu, but dont preach to us and feel superior because of it. Humans were meant to eat meat, thats why God gave us these teeth and digestive tracts. these peole act like not eating meat makes them holy and more dignified than us. You try to explain logic to these people, and they cover they’re ears and say ” Meat is Murder “. Vegans cannot be reasoned with because of the lack of nutrients reaching their brains.They will say this isnt true, but their brains dont function, so they wont undersatnd. what goes in your mouth and out you ass does not determine how ethical or superior you are. it all ends up coming out your ass anyway, and just because you dont eat that cow doesnt mean somebody else wont, or that they wont kill it. Stop thinking you are better than us omnivores, what nature meant us to be,you are violating natures plan. Dont think you are so great because of what comes out your ass & I will accept your beliefs. go to hell and eat your fucking tofu there, ass holes.It’s because the lack of b12 makes you act crazy and gives you brain fog. (Which vegans self-righteously mistake as an altered greater spiritual conscience.) Hence all the militant radical vegan causes like PETA.

  23. I once had a vegan acquaintance tell me straight to my face that “…vegans are more evolved than non vegans.” Wtf? Vegans don’t eat animal by products or use animal by products? Uh what about the iPhone in your hand? What about the streets you walk on? Those were created by humans (human animals). What about the car you ride in or drive? How do they know anything about the people/animals on the assembly lines that built those? Personally, I love animals but there are a certain percent of animals who wouldn’t hesitate to eat me (maggots, flies, lions, alligators, bears etc.) Animals don’t judge what they eat; only human animals judge what we eat and then feel morally superior about it. How stupid is that???

  24. I would love to know how being vegan makes one a snob or “superior” as you say. Actually, we are vegan because we do not feel superior to any living being. Take a look in the mirror before you throw that word our way. Vegans are strongly against animal exploitation. All beings deserve life. They don’t belong in slaughterhouses, factory farms, in labs, or anywhere else but their natural habitat where they are entitled to life. The hardest part of being vegan is having to deal with ignorant, baseless comments such as these. Please educate yourself. Meat and dairy are just terrible for you anyway. Perhaps you should start becoming aware of the toxins you’re putting into your body on a daily basis. The world would be a better place if everyone was vegan, on every scale from logical to global. Raising animals for food is one of the leading causes of global warming.

  25. People think vegans are snobby because they’ve probably met a militant vegan who when they couldn’t convince a person to stop eating meat attacked them and try to badger their views even though it may contradict biological development, studies proven by countless sources. Militant vegans attempt to make veganism a religious experience maybe cult levels because they see meat eaters, animal products, etc…as beneath them in a way that they are infidels to their non-animal consuming movement. The choice is up to the person. At the end of the day, their lives are for them to live. If you truly cared for your beliefs that cruelty to animals is wrong and what not let the person come to their understanding. I rather they cultivate that compassion themselves then do it in some sort of pretentious idiot. More often, I have personally met some that got wide eyed when I wore a leather jacket which was given to me by a friend. I will never convert to veganism nor vegetarianism, but I choose to be respectable in everything I do including what I eat and how I choose to live. This is more than what I can say for some vegans who continue to abuse humans as well as mother nature. If you want people to be more open to this you need to start with gardening or the benefits of eating a balance diet including meat and lots of veggies not some over the top tofu or die.

  26. In my case I really do not have an issue with someone telling me they’re a vegan. What pisses me off is the belittling images and posts some leave. For instance – I just saw a picture where some vegan compares eating meat to being a Nazi, a pedophile and a slave owner.

    And in the comments section they’ll defend to the death that the image is 100% accurate.

    1. It’s the “vegans” who behave like Nazis. They profess a powerful group loyalty and denounce everyone who’s not within that group. It’s a new form of Nazi racist attitude. Vegans are little more than the New Brownshirt Thugs. Fucking scumbags….every last one of them.

  27. I agree about Vegans generally being azzholes. I haven’t yet met a “vegan” who has a sense of tolerance towards others. For the record, Hitler was totally against eating meats of any kind, and what good did that do? None. All you Vegans are little Nazis at heart. You’d sooner kill a human being that see an animal slaughtered for food. Azzholes.

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