So today I send back my Nokia E71. Since my last review, it’s grown on me. I’m slow to adapt to new technology that way. I’m going to miss this funky little mobile device.

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3 thoughts on “Sequel Nokia E71 Review

  1. Nokia seems to be attacking the market very aggressively, lately. They are abandoning their own business mobility solutions in favor of technology from OZ, a company they just bought, and have just launched the 5800, a supposed iPhone killer.

    Something tells me that we just had a glimpse of a clue as to where Nokia might be headed in terms of offering consumers a completely multi-media experience. Now maybe they’ll let us trial the 5800 ;)

  2. I liked the E71 and can see where the Crackberry crowd would love it, but as a photographer – the Nokia N82 is my baby. When I have to send it back to WOM World, I will wear all black and have a good cry.


    p.s. Chris, I love your videos. Keep up the quirky good work.

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