I’ve been blogging about the recession in a few places lately, and I’ve been focusing on how there opportunities in appealing to consumers looking for discounts. The undertone to that is that bean-counting is overtaking lifestyle considerations in consumers’ buying decisions.

Well, the marketing counterpart to lifestyle is branding, so if marketers want to keep their jobs, they’re going to have to start thinking about ROI a whole lot more. Incidentally, Gary Vaynerchuk beat me to the punch. Here’s a clip of him explaining which marketers are going to lose out (hat tip Pat Phelan).

3 thoughts on “Marketing in a Recession

  1. Great post. We have been recognizing companies are more willing to spend their advertising/marketing dollars with us because we are budget compared to traditional methods and can give them a full report of who is trafficking their site. In addition, with less people traveling and more people staying at home, more people are going to be browsing the internet for information. It will be interesting if internet sales get a boast this holiday season as people look for deals online and don’t want to waste gas driving around and searching for the perfect gift.

  2. It is refreshing when I hear someone on the internet that is making any sense. I agree internet marketing is one of the ways that we can triumph in the recession, which means it is happening now. I am recently got into internet marketing and I am an avid student, because I know realise the more I learn and apply this powerful information the more valuable I become in the market place.. Peace, Jimmy

  3. @kara,
    Well, you have a targeted audience, so merchants who have goods to move that are appropriate for that audience are going to be interested. It’s that targeting that gives online marketing such a good ROI.

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