Photo 34So last week, Mitch Joel was kind enough to hook me up with a signed, advance copy of his new book Six Pixels of Separation (affiliate link). I’m not done reading it yet, but so far, I’m impressed enough to blog about it.

There are three reason I’m enjoying Six Pixels.

First, it takes all this new media broo-ha-ha and relates it back to the bottom line. It isn’t a book on the changing communication or technology landscape. It’s a business book, and puts all these social media trends into a context that makes sense and money.

Secondly, the book is broken down into bite- blog-sized sections that make it very easy to (1) digest a point in a short sitting, and (2) keep reading even when you don’t have the time to. This makes it’s addictive, meaning that many readers will probably be able to make sense of the whole social media and bottom line equation by the time their done reading.

Finally, this book is useful even to the converted because it can help them educate their clients and bosses on why they need to open up to the new media. In fact, there’s a line from one of Mitch’s blog posts back in 2007 that I’ve been using to sell social media every since:

I’ll give you the ROI of social media, if you can return back the ROI on trust. Fair deal?

Well, the book is full these, and I’m sure I’ll be pulling them out in client meetings for years to come.

In sum, Six Pixels is a worthwhile read because (1) it tells you how you can use new media to grow your business, (2) it’s information architecture is off da hook, and (3) it can help you help others see what new media is actually worth to them.

So, if I’ve evangelized the book half as well as it evangelizes social media, then you might want to check it out on Amazon. Otherwise, you might want to just leave me a comment reminding me how over-bearing I can be :)

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