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Speaking Up this January

So I’ve decided to hit the New Year running… or with a bang… or whatever… What I mean is that I’m really psyched to be speaking at a few events (big & small) over the next month. I’m also booked for a few other appearances in the upcoming months, but let’s take it one month […]

Are You Rock n’ Roll?

C’mon, you’ve heard about them before. The social media rock stars. Who are they? What do they do? How rock n’ roll are they? What does it mean to be rock n’ roll? Let’s go back to the early days of rock n’ roll. Back then, it was a new sound that came out of […]

Being Brand Aware

When speaking with a journalist, choose your words carefully. — Walker Lamond When you’re building a brand, you have to get your story straight. You have to lay it all out in advance, and stick to it. Because every time you run an ad or PR campaign, you’re  going to be telling that story, so it needs […]

Letting Go

Mourning is just extended self-pity. — Donald Draper I let a domain expire yesterday. It was one of the first domains I ever registered — possibly the second or third. It was also the domain for the second blog I ever really invested any serious time or energy into. It wasn’t a very focused blog. […]