Credit: ljesmith
Credit: ljesmith

So they’re not all exclusively about journalism, but nonetheless, they all feature ideas, perspectives, and opinions that (I think) are all worth considering if you’re at all seriously interested in journalism or public relations. They’re in no particular order, and one of them I even found only today (I’m quick to commit in that way), but all of them are thought provoking in a way that your run-of-the-mill new/social media blog falls short of.

Clay Shirky’s Blog: it doesn’t update all that often, but it doesn’t need to because this guy says more of substance in one post than most people say in a year of blogging. He’s not a blogger; he’s a veritable intellectual. If you’re not sure, just check out the list of published articles on his homepage.

Nieman Journalism Lab: a project of the Nieman Foundation at Harvard University, this blog “is a collaborative attempt to figure out how quality journalism can survive and thrive in the Internet age.” The rosters of contributors is nothing short of impressive, and anyone who’s interested in journalism, what it’s going through, and how it might evolve (and that includes any semi-serious PR hacks), just can’t afford to ignore it.

Rough Type: this is the blog of Nicholas Carr, author of The Big Switch and Does it Matter? What I like about Nick’s writing is that it offers a perspective that stands out from your usual Web 2.0 “evangelism.” He explores how the web is changing us as both individuals and a society, and isn’t scared to get estoric by touching on stuff like the situationists from time to time.

Silicon Vallye Watcher: this a tech news blog by Tom Foremski (himself a former Financial Times journalist), and sprinkled among the countless posts about Silicon Valley business and culture are other posts about how journalism outlets are coping, should be coping, or can cope with how emerging technologies are eating away at their traditional business model.

Mathew Ingram’s Blog: a working journalist with the Globe and Mail, Mathew also contributes to the Nieman Journalism Lab; although many of his posts are the first few paragraphs of what he publishes on Nieman Lab, he also writes shorter posts-for-thought that are worth a read for anyone who’s into Web 2.0 stuff.

Journalistics: focused on covering journalism, public relations and social media, this is a newer find of mine that features some more “hands on” posts about, well, journalism, public relations and social media — from dealing with PR clients to understanding where newspapers fit into today’s information culture.

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  1. You’ve put together a great list here (and I’m not just saying that because you included our blog on it).

    Thanks for giving me an early nod for putting together some good content thus far. I’m just getting started and hope you’ll continue to feel the same down the road. For what it’s worth, I’m liking your posts too.

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