Back in January, at Affiliate Summit 2009, I had the privilege of meeting Jeremy (Shoemoney) Schoemaker. He’s kinda like the Chris Brogan of affiliate marketing, and is known for a picture of a big-ass Google Adwords check.

Anyways, this is Part II of a 3 part interview with him. It’s about his Shoemoney Tools, a suite of webmaster tools for people who want to drive results. During filming, I actually rubbed him the wrong way with my cautious skepticism, so I cut that part out. But Shoemoney believes enough in them to be offering a $3.95 trial. I’ve never used them, but they feature tools for PPC, keyword research, domain buying, SEO, link building, and a bunch of other stuff.

In any case, you might also want to check out Part I and Part III of this interview.

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