I’m not usually one to regurgitate other people’s posts here, but Dawud has a great post over on his blog. It’s called 7 Ways to Make Your Clients Fall in Love with You, and I think that it underscores how Customer Relations are an integral part to both marketing and PR.

After all, new media is about a two way channel of communication, and the value of that is that you able to develop a solid picture of what the client’s or consumer’s needs are. And if you can fulfill their needs, you will own their business. Anyways, summarized, Dawud’s points are as follows:

  1. Be nice
  2. Be fully attentive
  3. Exceed their expectations
  4. Listen to what they’re really telling you
  5. Help them understand how
  6. Always follow up
  7. Stay in touch

If you want some elaboration on each, you’ll have to check out the original post. If you do, however, I think you’ll see that each of them comes down to sounds business sense. After all, customer relations is often that little something that can give you an edge over the competitor, especially when good or bad relations are documented and immortalized on the world wide interwebs.

One thought on “Customer Relations 2.0

  1. I agree with you, this is sound business sense. Though I’m intrigued by how many small businesses owners don’t utilize these concepts. For instance, I get a number of calls weekly from people who have had bad experiences with their web designers.

    Thanks for the link love.

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