Credit: Carlo Nicora
Credit: Carlo Nicora

Sometimes you meet them in coffee shops or bars. Sometimes you meet them online, through Facebook or Craigslist. And sometimes you meet them at conferences or through friends who like to play matchmaker.

No matter how you end up hooking up with them, getting into bed with a client is a lot like getting into bed with anyone else. First you meet. Maybe one of you is more interested in the other. Maybe you’re looking for different things. But the anxiety is there: Do you like them? Do they like you? Should you see them sometime?

Then it’s time for the call back: Should you wait for them to call you? Should you call them first? Would that make you look needy? How long should you wait to call them back? Do you really want to play these games?

Maybe they like playing games. Maybe that’s how they size you up. Maybe they hate games. What should you do?

If you figure that part out , it’s time to pitch for the first date. You play up your strengths, they play up theirs. Everyone’s polite. Some of it is awkward. Maybe someone has too much to drink and makes an ass of themselves. Maybe someone just makes an ass of themselves because they are an ass. Maybe you pick-up the tab. Maybe they pick-up the tab. Maybe the two of you go dutch.

Maybe there’s some chemistry. Maybe you go home together. Maybe you wake up the next morning thinking “Oh my gawd, what did I do?”

But even then: Were they any good? Were you any good? Are they going to respect you less? Do you respect them less? Are they going to call? Should you call them? Do you even want to see them again after that? Will they even want to see you?

In the end, maybe it works out, or maybe it doesn’t. Maybe you’re both looking to get different things out of a relationship. Maybe they’re not your type. Maybe they’re just not that into you.

Whatever ends up happening, the both of you are philanderers. While the client is always looking is someone who’s cheaper and easier, you always have to keep your own eye out for the next thing worth hitting. And even if it works out and the two of you end up in a long-term relationship, then two of you are polygamists at best.

3 thoughts on “Dating Clients

  1. Well put. Very well put. Dating a client you are working for free lance seems slightly more acceptable than if they are your agency’s client, though. Thoughts??

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