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There are three things I need from my hairdresser: honesty, guidance, and inspiration.

I need him to be honest about what I can pull off and what I can’t. I need him to not pull any punches. I need him to be brutally honest so that I can trust him.

I also need guidance because he’s the professional. I’m relying on him for his skill and his advice. He’s supposed to know what’s fashionable and what will work with my hairline and the shape of my face. He’s supposed to tell me what will work for me — and this is why it’s so important that I trust him.

Finally, I need him to inspire me to push limits and try new things. I need him to keep me hip and current. But I also need him to make sure that I look my age — that I’m not trying to look younger, hipper, or more current than I actually am.

I think we can learn a lot from the people we trust with our hair. I think we can learn a lot by asking ourselves why we trust them.

2 thoughts on “Inspirational Metrosexual Blog Post

  1. My wife is a hair stylist and it’s interesting to view this from her perspective. She definitely feels the pressure that people put on her for all of the above. The thing that gets her the most is when she knows that people won’t be happy, especially when change is involved.

    It’s funny how our hair is one of the most sacred things we have and protect. But what does it say about my trust levels or about me when I use #1 clippers and buzz my head myself?

    1. I can only imagine the pressure your wife feels. That’s why it’s taken me so long to find someone who is confident enough to do what he thinks looks best — even though it might be very much outside my comfort level.

      And when he does, I get used to it and end up loving it.

      I try to do this with clients, but it’s not easy. This is why I like my hair stylist so much.

      As for you #1 clippers, I did that for years. I did it because I didn’t trust anyone with my hair. I didn’t want them to f**k it up, and I sure didn’t want to pay them to f**k it up.

      But then it started thinning, and I realize I only have so many more years to enjoy it. So I mind as well take risks, because I won’t be able to forever.

      And in all the risks I’ve taken with my hair, Dave, I’ve only learned one thing: it’s always better to pay more if you know that you’ll get something that looks good.

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