…or at least the marketing agency they hired has. A little while ago I ragged on their “I’m a PC” campaign for failing because:

the ad’s lexicon (it’s language and vocabulary) was defined by Apple, the ad’s main competitor.

We’ll, they’re running with it, and it’s kinda working now. This clip (that I found on Gizmodo.com.au) features hipster remix master Girl Talk, and in doing so accomplishes two things:

  1. shows that PC users, too, can be young & hip,
  2. and demonstrates that you can actually be creative using a PC

So MSFT might still be using Apple’s lexicon, but they’re doing it while whooing Apple’s niche. Should Steven Jobs be worried? F**k no! In fact, I think that Girl Talk guy is a bit of a sell-out hack job for doing the spot. He probably just couldn’t afford a Mac when he started out, and then got an awesome offer that he just couldn’t refuse, and I can’t say that I wouldn’t do the same thing.

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