I’ve been hung up on mobile lately, but I haven’t touched on mobile gaming ’cause, well, I don’t give a poop about video games. What I do give a poop about, however, is online gambling, and recent developments might have online gambling in the US moving toward regulation and being legal again. So I thought I’d share this interview with Ron Rushin, the CTO/CIO of Cantor Gaming.

Here, Ron discusses mobile gambling, and what’s interesting is how the mobile gambling vertical that’s growing the most is one that allows users to stay connected (and respond) to real-time events that they are not actually part of themselves (unlike how they’re part of a poker or blackjack game). This is why the mobile web is going to revolutionize social media: because online interactions are no longer going to depend upon being archived. Rather, they’re going to be in real-time, just like the interactions we have in our physical communities.

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