It’s not what you know. It’s who you know.
— Saying

Credit: jugglerpm
Credit: jugglerpm

It’s easy to get excited about the mobile web. After all, it’s supposed to change everything.

If you listen to people like me, the mobile web is going to be Web 3.0. It’s going to merge the internet with the real world. It’s going to completely change how we connect to other users.

But if you stop, take a deep breath, and think about it for a second…

The mobile web allows users to consume custom bite-sized content on an on-demand basis. And that is a big f**king deal. The mobile web is the next big media frontier.

It can’d do what PCs did. It doesn’t have any real business counterpart. And it can’t help me park my tuckus and get any real work done.

But what it does do is the mobile really lets me connect with people… It lets me follow their status, read their updates, and then reach out to them in realtime, in real space, and in the real world.

The mobile web is a medium for managing our complex and nuanced digital relationships, those niche interests that bind us together with people that don’t otherwise have anything else in common with. Those experiences that somehow make our days more intense and meaningful…

One thought on “Mobile Web Connections

  1. Oh for crying out loud…why do people want to know what everyone else is doing all the time?
    Who has the time to mind everyone else’s busniess??
    Brain candy.

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