Nokia Catches Apple with Pants Down

I came across this video on Logic + Emotion. It is ambush marketing at its best, and was produced by two Nokia employees, Paul Whitaker and Karl Long. Basically, they hit the streets to document the masses lining up for iPhones. The only catch is that they did this with a Nokia N95 mobile phone.

The idea seems to be to underscore that while iPhone does not have a video camera, the N95 does, and its 5 mega-pixels, and comes with auto-focus. By no means is this a moot point. After all, Apple has built a brand largely around the ability to equip users with easy to use multi-media tools. That the iPhone cannot do video is a major weakness — especially when you consider how Apple has set the professional standard in video production. Indeed, they’ve lost some street-cred over this.

Maybe they were in a rush to get the first generation iPhones on the market, but it’s almost like they’ve forgotten where they’re coming from. Either way, I wouldn’t be surprised if the iPhone’s lack of video capability turns out to be one of Steve Job’s biggest regrets.

One thought on “Nokia Catches Apple with Pants Down

  1. Great find! I heard that they were doing this (I think I saw it mentioned earlier somewhere else), but it’s cool to see the actual video from Paul and Karl.

    I would be that the next versions of the iPhone will have a better camera, but for now I think my next phone is going to be a Nokia, I carry one right now.

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