This is a clip that Jay Smooth produced after George Carlin died. When I heard the news about George it hit me hard. I had to leave my desk, take an elevator 22 stories down to the street where, and call my old man.

It was my old man who introduced me to George. He played me Occupation Foole when I was about 10 or 12. The potty mouth had my juvenile mind in stitches, but I knew there was a glimmer of genius to the man’s perspective on life.

I heard the news about George from a marketing blog. I was ashamed to be so out of the real world loop that I’d hear about the death of an American legend and personal hero from a marketing blog.

Worse was the realization that someone who I looked up to for what they did would look down on me for what I did. Just watch this clip that the marketing blog posted.

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